Welcome to Positive Fields! We’re a nonprofit community-based arts and technology education center. We focus on fun, collaborative learning!

Unfortunately, we need to shut down operations during the pandemic. It's sad, yes, but let's look on the positive side (that's what we do here)! We're taking the time we need to completely re-engineer our approach and refine our mission. Online learning and teaching is, for better or worse, going to be a BIG part of how we move forward. If we do things right (and take our time), we'll be more effective. Another BIG component to our future operations will be MOBILITY. The industrial arts tech we employ is becoming cheaper, smaller, and better. We believe we can expand our reach by taking our show on the road. So stay tuned for updates, stay connected with us on Instagram and Facebook. AS ALWAYS- a HUGE thank you to all of our supporters and members. WE LOVE YOU! STAY SAFE AND STAY CONNECTED!


Whether it's classes, workshops, or any other type of learning experience, our foundation is in creativity. All ages can participate. We're all about collaborative learning with a focus on community development. 

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We use and teach software such as Blender 3D and Autodesk Fusion 360. We specialize in CAD and 3D modeling for product design, special effects, and game development.


3D printing is one of the core technologies we work with every day. CNC machining is our other main fabrication passion. We love the versatility and power of these machines!


We work with hardware and software platforms like Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and the Adafruit lineup to create all sorts of mechatronics, robots, and devices.

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We think of technology as a tool to make art. For us, art can mean many things. Good design, the beauty in solid craftsmanship, and even computer code can be beautiful!


This is a sample of the amazing work we do at Positive Fields. We work in a range of materials: wood, plastic, textiles, and ink just to name a few. We use a broad range of technologies to create high quality functional art pieces.

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Technology that was once inaccessible is now available to anyone hungry enough to explore. Positive Fields allows us to use our full potential, and opens doors to endless possibilities for the future.
Toni Striblin
Hogansville City Council

Do you want to help us by volunteering? You’ll pick up some super cool skills by helping out at Positive Fields. OR- maybe you want to see more (or different) classes offered? Let us know!