THIS CLASS IS BOOKED UNTIL MARCH 2020! Friday Blender 3D at Positive Fields. Students will learn the fundamentals of Blender 3D. This class is perfect for high school age students who wish to learn about this incredibly powerful open source 3D modeling and animation package.

We work with each student to insure our learning sessions are tailored to the interests and skill level that is appropriate.

HOURS: 9:00-10:00am. This is a 1 hour session.

Fee covers all costs for 4 class sessions. Fees are non-refundable. All participants must be members of Positive Fields.

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Do you want to help us by volunteering? These kids and young people could use your help. Plus- you’ll pick up some super cool skills by helping out at Positive Fields. OR- maybe you want to see more (or different) classes offered? Let us know!

Thank you so much from all of us at Positive Fields!